March 21, 2024 all-day

Down Syndrome Family Gathering in Massachusetts DI 5170300018 (5)March 21st, 2024, with the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC). World Down Syndrome Day is a global day of celebration and awareness that has been observed by the United Nations since 2012.  Here are some of the ways that the MDSC suggests that you can celebrate.
* Rock Your Socks Campaign – The Rock Your Socks campaign exists to raise awareness of Down syndrome. Choose your socks to get noticed and get your family, friends, classmates and colleagues – Color it Blue+Yellow.
* Every year, working with the Commonwealth of MA, the landmark Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge is lit up blue + yellow – the colors of Down syndrome.
* Light something blue+yellow on 3/21. Ask your local churches, synagogues and mosques; stores; venues to light it up blue+yellow. Put blue+yellow candles in your windows. Put blue+yellow lights around your house. Paint your nails blue+yellow.
* Take on a 21 Challenge to raise awareness and support programming for our loved ones with Down syndrome. Whatever your challenge, just weave in the number 21 to celebrate loved ones with an extra copy of their 21st chromosome.
For more information and updates on all activities, visit www.mdsc.org/wdsd or contact 781-221-0024

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