December 8, 2022 all-day

Autism Workshop in MassachusettsWebinar, December 8th, 2022, with the Autism / Aspergers Network in Watertown, MA. This two-hour workshop will go over what you can expect raising a child/teen/young adult, up to 22, on the autism spectrum.
* Hear bout core strengths and challenges, some ways to cope at home, advocating at school, transition planning, and more.
To register or for more information visit www.aane.org/event/online-open-aspergers-autism-101-a-workshop-for-parents-of-newly-diagnosed-children-teens-young-adults-through-age-22-12-8-22-700-pm-900-pm-et/  or contact 617-393-3824  or  ilia.walsh@aane.org   

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