June 17, 2024 all-day

The Addiction Inoculation: Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of DependenceWebinar, June 17th, 2024, with the Association for Autism & Neurodiversity in Watertown, MA. Parents often wonder how to motivate their Autistic teens, particularly how much to push them and how much to let their teens take the lead. This 90-minute workshop with time for Q&A will cover common challenges and support strategies. Parents of children and teens, clinicians, and educators are welcome to attend. Topics include:
– A strengths-based overview of Autism in adolescence.
– The intersection of stress, anxiety, and behavior.
– Strategies for building connection and reducing tension
– Autism at school, including considerations for post-high school transition planning.
Fees apply, registration is required to https://aane.org/events/online-open-workshop-understanding-supporting-autistic-teens-6-17-24-700-pm-830-pm-et/  or events@aane.org

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