December 5, 2023 all-day

American Sign Language Disability Images 4231800902 (5)Deafblindness Family Learning Series in Boston MassachusettsWebinar, December 5th, with Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech of Northampton, MA. Are you feeling frustrated with challenging behaviors displayed by your child who is deaf or hard of hearing? Does your child have tantrums or remove their cochlear implants or hearing aids when they become upset? Do you find yourself using screen time to avoid meltdowns?
* All behavior is a form of communication. Understanding the meaning behind negative behaviors can help you to build positive connections with your child.
*Learn evidence-based strategies from Pyramid Model’s Positive Solution for Families to help you recognize what your child is telling you when they become frustrated.
* Develop routines and strategies to help avoid explosive feelings in your toddler or young child who is deaf or hard of hearing and learning to listen and talk.
* Attendees will have opportunities to reflect on and share personal examples. Together, we’ll tackle even the most challenging tantrums to help you and your child establish strong and healthy bonds.
* Who should attend? Parents and caregivers of children with hearing loss ages birth through five who are learning to listen and talk. Registration is required to https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1216969652114/WN_uN3VagM3S7KxCLlulQL4hA#/registration or contact (413) 584-3450 or info@clarkeschools.org  

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