March 5, 2024 all-day

Webinar Video Chat for parents of children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders in MassachusettsOnline Groups, with the Assocation for Autism and Neurodiversity in Watertown, MA. Presented by parent child team Ilia and Ryan Walsh, this session offers a comprehensive exploration into the dynamics of parenting adult neurodivergent individuals.
* Drawing from their own experiences, they will provide practical strategies for establishing a collaborative relationship between parents and their adult neurodivergent children.
* The focus will be on mutual understanding, respect, and the empowerment of neurodivergent adults, with an emphasis on recognizing and leveraging their unique strengths.
Fees apply, registration is required to  https://aane.org/events/online-open-workshop-parents-as-partners-supporting-neurodivergence-in-adulthood-3-5-24-800-pm-930-pm-et/ or contact events@aane.org 

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