April 5, 2024 all-day

Profoud Autism Summit in Massachusetts 398411866_10160253670003040_3813551507852709225_nBurlington, MA, April 5th, 2024, with the Nashoba Learning Group and the Profound Autism Alliance. The Profound Autism Summit is a one day conference bringing together leaders from the areas of research, medicine, treatment, advocacy, education, and human services to discuss the needs of those with Profound Autism across disciplines and throughout the lifespan.
Speakers include: 
* Cathy Boyle – LifeSpan Panel: “Getting on the Road to Housing”
* Dr. Shanna Bahry – “Building a Life: Applied Behavior Analysis and the Development of Meaningful Goals for Individuals with Profound Autism” with Dr. Peter Gerhardt.
* Dr. Nate Call – Safety Panel: Research on Wandering.
* Bill Cannata – Safety Panel: “The Autism and Law Enforcement Education Coalition
* Cheryl Ryan Chan – Family Life Panel: “Stop It: Caregiver Behaviors That Impede Progress”
* Dr. Greg Hanley – “A Compassionate Approach to Treating Severe Problem Behavior Associated with Profound Autism”.
* Dr. Alycia Halladay – “The Science of Profound Autism” .
* Eileen Lamb – Family Life Panel: “Family Resilience and Profound Autism: Navigating the Journey Together”.
* Nan Leonard – Advocacy Panel: “Securing ABA Funding for Adults”.
* Dr. Amy Lutz – “The representation wars: media portrayals, language debates, and advocacy in the autism community”.
* Dr. Chris McDougle – “Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorder”.
* Kate Movius – Safety Panel: “Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe: Wandering Prevention for Caregivers”.
* Dr. Jennifer Albis Neal – “AAC is for Everyone – Evidence-based Communication Interventions to Support All Learners”.
* Dr. Jessica Slaton – “Long-term Effectiveness and Generality of Skill-Based Treatment”.
To register or or more information visit www.profoundautismsummit.org/2024-speakers   or contact PAS@nashobalearninggroup.org .

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