April 23, 2024 all-day

Webinar, April 23rd, 2024, with the Canton Parent Advisory Council For Student Services. What Are Executive Functioning Skills? They Enable Us To Pay Attention, To Organize, And Plan Task And Materials, To Stay Focused On Them And Manage Emotions And Be Flexible, And To Keep Track Of What We Are Doing.
Learn Practical Strategies To Help Your Child Develop Skills And Become More Independent.
Speaker Sarah Ward  is an internationally recognized expert on executive function skills and regularly presents seminars and workshops on the programs and strategies she has developed with her Co-Director Kristen Jacobsen.
* Sarah has co- authored the 360 Thinking Executive program and co-developed the educational products the Academic Planner and Tracknets, as well as the Time Tracker Program and Get Ready *Do*Done instructional approach.
Registration is required to  https://cpacss.org/      or contact cpacss@gmail.com  



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