Miss Amazing Massachusetts for girls and women with disabilitiesMedfield, MA, April 27th, 2023. Free. Massachusetts Miss Amazing provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities across Massachusetts to build self-esteem.
The mission of Miss Amazing is to give girls and women with disabilities the opportunity to reach
their full potential by focusing on their unique abilities, goals and dreams.
The day entails

  • Buddies – Upon arrival, participants are paired with a Volunteer Buddy.
  • Participant Orientation – Participants receive an outline from their buddy on the day’s events, what to expect, timing, breaks, etc.
  • Parent Orientation.
  • Fun Activities – including a photo booth, arts and crafts, dancing, games, etc.
  • Hair & Makeup – Each participant receives a personalized hair and makeup session.
  • Right-hand Man – Each participant is paired with a Right-hand Man, who escorts them on-stage during the formal wear portion of the show. They also have dinner with the participant and her Buddy.
  • Participants are encouraged to donate 5 canned goods for the local food pantry.
  • There is a fee for families to watch final show.
  • Quiet rooms will be available for participants if they need to rest or have a quiet break during the day.
  • Parent Room.
  • Snacks, lunch, and dinner are provided for participants and their families as well as volunteers.

To learn more about how to participate in the pageant visit https://missamazing.org/chapters/MA  or contact ma.missamazing.org 

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