March 27, 2024 all-day

Webinar: Having a Sibling with Mental Health Challenges During Covid-19 Webinar for Massachusetts familiesWebinar, March 27th, 2024, with Families for Depression Awareness of Waltham, MA. For caregivers to be effective, they need to have the right resources and support. This is when having a crisis plan – which may include a Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD) – becomes crucial.
*Hear firsthand experiences of people with mental health challenges who used a Psychiatric Advance Directive to support their journey in recovery.
* Learn about the key components of a crisis plan and practical strategies for caregiver involvement in the crisis planning process.
Amey Dettmer, Certified Peer Support Specialist.
Matthew R. Federici, MS is Chief Executive Officer of the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery.
Kaely Whittington, CPRS Training Coordinator.
Susan Weinstein, JD, Moderator- Co-Executive Director, Families for Depression Awareness.
Register to www.familyaware.org/webinar/mental-health-crisis-planning-how-to-develop-a-proactive-strategy/  or contact  781-890-0220 or ari@familyaware.org


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