June 13, 2023 all-day

Emotional worry Helping Children Cope Behavior Workshop in MassachusettsWebinar, June 13th, 2023, with Therapro of Framingham. Free. The confusing and challenging behaviors children often demonstrate cause parents, teachers, and therapists to ask the question: Is it sensory or is it behavior?
* Hear about the complex interrelationship between sensory, communication, and behavioral problems seen in individuals.
* Parents, teachers, and therapists must be able to understand these behaviors, identify the underlying cause, and develop interventions to alter the behaviors, remediate the underlying problems, and implement these programs in multiple environments.
* Through a variety of learning activities, participants will learn to use the Intervention for Challenging Behavior flow chart and the ABC model to analyze why children behave the way they do, sorting out sensory-based problems from other causes.
Learning Objectives – At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:
1. Identify behaviors that are obtaining and avoidance in nature, determine the core problems and appropriate intervention strategies.
2. Select and differentiate between treatment activities needed to remediate the core sensory problems;
3. Identify effective sensory replacement behaviors, reinforcers, and positive behavioral strategies.
About the speakers:
* Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS OTR, C/NDT, FAOTA is director of Rehabilitation for Children, Inc, a pediatric private practice. Carolyn is certified in sensory integration (SI) and neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) for pediatrics, infants, and adults.
* Betty Paris, PT M.Ed., C/ NDT, holds post graduate certificates in sensory integration (SI) and neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) in pediatrics and in babies. She has used her dual certificates to develop a unique blend of NDT and SI treatments offered to children and young adults in a variety of settings and shared with therapists, parents, and other professionals.
For more information visit  www.therapro.com/Information-Items/Webinars/  or contact (800) 257-5376 or info@ therapro.com

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