August 20, 2024 all-day

Kennebunk Beach, ME, August 20th, 2024, with Special Surfers.​ Special Surfers is a non-profit organization sharing the empowering experience of surfing with children and young adults of all ages with special needs.
* Particpants must be age 5 and older, and physically able children/young at heart adults who can splash and go under water without detriment to their lung function or health.
* Register for Special Ops if you or your Special Surfer are/is unable or have difficulty standing or balancing. Special Ops participants sit on specially designed boards with seats and harnesses attached with a lot of extra care and volunteers. Most of the programs Special Ops participants arrive in a wheelchair or using a walker.
* There are also opportunities for Special Ops participants who have visual impairments.
To register or for  more information visit www.specialsurfer.org/register1.html? or contact heather@specialsurfer.org.

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