March 22, 2024 all-day

Identifying Developmental Delay and Developmental DisordersWebinar, March 22nd, 2024, with the Children’s Trust in Boston. Participants will learn about the development of children aged 0 to 5 years, developmental delays, and developmental disorders diagnosable during this age with a focus on ADHD and ASD, their main characteristics, and how to identify them early.
* Talk about the main concerns families have and how to talk about these disorders once they have a diagnosis.
* This session will also talk about the neuroanatomy of young children and how synapses, or lack of them, impact child development.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what a developmental disorder is.
  • Learn to identify potential delays in development.
  • Practice observational skills.

Registration is Required to https://childrenstrustma.org/training-center/training-calendar or contact training@childrenstrustma.org  or info@childrenstrustma.org.

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