April 26, 2024 all-day

Family Engagement & Leadership Training for School District CommunitiesApplications are due by April 26, 2024, chosen teams will be announced Monday, April 29th, with the Federation for Children with Special Needs in Massachusetts. The APPLE Institute is a free training program to help parent leaders, special education administrators, and school community members build collaborative leadership teams to increase parent engagement in their school districts. APPLE stands for Advancing Parent Professional Leadership in Education.
* FCSN has added a family engagement component to the APPLE Institute – working to build relationships while developing an action plan for increased family engagement in district activities.
* APPLE teams have addressed communication, inclusion, diversity, social emotional supports, community recreation, and parent-driven planning in their action plans.
To apply for the APPLE Institute, a District needs to form a team which must include a minimum of 5 members:
* 2 parents (SEPAC parent and 1 additional Parent)
* 2 school district members and 1 additional community partner.
They welcome team members from the SEPAC, ELPAC, PTO, District Administration and Staff, School Committee, Site Council, or Family Engagement Specialists.
For more information about registration and APPLE 2024, dates and training topics, visit  https://fcsn.org/apple/  or contact lleslie@fcsn.org, Leslie M. Leslie, Project Director – MassPAC, Federation for Children with Special Needs 617-399-8307

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