July 12, 2023 all-day

Virtual Event, July 12th, 2023, with the Disability Law Center in Boston. Free And Open To The Public. The Disability Law Center is looking for your expertise on the issues you face as a person or a family member of a person with a disability.
* They will be using the information you give to make sure they are using our resources in the areas the disability community needs it most.
* Your input will inform the work they do in 2024.
ASL and CART have been requested for both events. Space is limited and registration is required to participate. Reservations will be granted by first-come, first-served.
* Please submit any accommodation requests to Amanda at 617-315-4440 or agasparonis@dlc-ma.org no later than one week before the meeting.
To register for the July 12th event, visit  https://www.dlc-ma.org/event/help-dlc-set-its-focus-areas-7-12-23/ or contact Amanda at agasparonis@dlc-ma.org or 617-315-4440

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