January 17, 2024 – March 10, 2024 all-day

Teens sexuality for special needs in Western MassachusettsNorthampton, MA, in Person, January 17th -March 10th, 2024, with Whole Children / Milestones of Western MA. For ages 18+ with special needs.
* In Boundaries and Relationships classes they focus on setting and respecting boundaries, red flags, and different types of relationships.
* Students will get an opportunity to connect experiences in their own life with the socials skills we cover in class as well as examine what boundaries feel good for them.
* Do you want to learn about meeting new people, social skills for getting to know them and building healthy friendships?
* Do you want to learn about healthy friendships? How to go on a date? Advocating and setting healthy boundaries?
* This class lays the groundwork for a life full of meaningful, healthy and safe relationships.
* In Boundaries and Relationships, they establish a learning community that can last many consecutive sessions as students move through the Whole Selves’ relationships curriculum.
* Come to learn, make friends and get support as you navigate adulthood.
Fees apply, registration is required to www.facebook.com/wholechildrenandmilestones or contact 1 413-585-8010 or info@wholechildren.org

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