April 11, 2024 all-day

Webinar, April 11th, 2024, with the The Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School SEPAC (LSSEPAC). Free. The LSSEPAC will host the Federation for Children with Special needs. This workshop provides an overview of the transition planning process for youth with disabilities ages 14-22 on IEPs. Workshop Topics:
• What is Transition and Why is it Important
• Legal Basis for Transition Planning
• Student Vision, Self- Determination and Self- Advocacy
• Student and Parent’s Roles
• Transition Planning Form (TPF)
• Age of Majority, Timelines, Resources & More
To register or for more information visit https://fcsn-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kd-utrzMvHNX_2H0V55f7XBIaYzBoQkmL#/registration  or contact Lssepac.chair@gmail.com
For more information about the educational workshops available from The Federation for Children with Special Needs,
please visit fcsn.org/ptic/workshops or email: workshops@fcsn.org

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