September 27, 2024 all-day

Basic Rights in Special Education: Evaluation & Eligibility Workshop for Massachusetts familiesWebinar, September 27th, 2024, with Bridgewell of Peabody, MA. Throughout the child and adolescent years, a child’s development can be impacted by a variety of social, emotional, developmental, and environmental factures.
* Depending on the nature and severity of the impact on a child’s development; teachers, special educators and mental health professionals will have a role in ensuring that the child is being provided with the support and services necessary to make developmental and educational progress.
* Knowing and understanding the process of identification and how to access services, for a child with disabilities, is necessary for any professional working with children and adolescents.
Fees apply, Registration is required to  https://bridgewell.org/event/virtual-live-understanding-the-special-education-process-identification-assessment-and-eligibility/  or contact  kjanjar@bridgewell.org   


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