September 13, 2023 all-day

WebinarVirtual Group, September 2023 – May 2023, on the second Wednesday of each month, with the Autism Alliance in Framingham, MA. An Autism Support Group for parents of children aged 10 and under. Family members meet to share the common experiences, challenges, and joys of raising children on the autism spectrum.
* This group focuses on caregivers and provides an opportunity for parents to connect with others facing a similar experience.
* We meet monthly for 60 minutes from noon -1pm, participants are welcome to zoom during a noon lunch break at work/or home.
* Many topics will be discussed, and parents are welcome to bring questions; this program may also include guest speakers via parent special requests.
* Drop-ins are welcome.
* No pre-registration necessary.
To register or for more information visit https://autismalliance.org/events/virtual-lunchtime-family-support-group or contact (508) 652-9900

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