September 19, 2023 all-day

Safety Practices for Children on the Autism SpectrumWebinar, September 19th, 2023, with Commonwealth Autism Services of Plainville, MA. Home Safety 101 Training equips parents with fundamental knowledge and practical tips to create a safer home environment for their children.
* This training covers essential aspects like childproofing common hazards and identifying safety-related skills your child should be learning. * This workshop empowers parents to foster a safe and nurturing home environment that promotes independence and well-being for their children with autism.
Training topics include:
· Top 10 home safety hazards and product solutions
· How to address wandering from the home
· Essential safety skills your child needs to learn
· How to develop a home safety plan
· Community supports
To register or for more information visit www.commonwealthautismservices.com/events  and scroll down to your desired event, or contact commonwealthautismservices.com


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