April 6, 2024 all-day

Virtual Conference, April 6th, 2024, with Endicott College of Beverly, MA. Free. For families of individuals diagnosed with autism and BCBA professionals, find current and practical information about living with autism.
Key Note Speakers: KEYNOTE SPEAKER- KELLY COLON: Navigating Autism with Essential Unspoken Skills. Focusing on the journey beyond basic academic and social preparation, this talk addresses the critical, unspoken skills that enable neurodivergent individuals to thrive in various settings. It will discuss how readiness encompasses adaptability, problem-solving, and the ability to advocate for oneself as well as the importance of learning prioritization and time-management.
* Parent Training, Navigating Treatment Options, Navigating IEPs, Parents’ Role in Functional Behavior Assessment (FBAs), ABA in the Community, Interactions that Promote Early Childhood Development, Teaching “Remembering” Skills to Your Child.
* Feeding Difficulties, Simplifying ABA Jargon, What Your BCBA Wants You To Know, Fostering Language Development in Siblings, Collaborating with your School Team, ASD and Adulthood, ADHD Superpowers.
For more information visit //www.eventbrite.com/e/endicotts-12-annual-autism-parent-conference-tickets-819332765357  or contact (978) 816-7642 or aba@endicott.edu

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