April 22, 2024 all-day

Assistive Technology Fair with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental ServicesFramingham, MA, April 22nd, 2o24, with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. Free and open to the public.  Join  a day of visiting with Assistive Technology vendors in the ballroom, participating in demonstrations, attending presentations, and learning about new technology to support independence.
* Their goal is to provide resources, education, and technology to community members, including individuals with disabilities, family members, provider agency staff, state agency staff, and teachers.
Products and services showcased include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart Home Technology,  Health/Medical
  • Employment Tools
  • Recreation/Leisure, Social/Emotional
  • Adaptive Equipment, Transportation
  • Executive Functioning/Organizational
  • Remote Supports and Monitoring
  • and more

*  Registration is required to  https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/ev/reg/6b93wqf?source_id=f0569287-088f-47c8-a76b-7882dabf94e5&source_type=em&c=hIxF8U6oSjW4D5NQCgNNe3cS-Bki7kORmXoVMNAXKTX5IohX2oGUdw==&mode=preview&source_id=189d1703-c541-4002-9c06-9b822413adf3&source_type=em&c=        



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