July 25, 2024 all-day

school-teens-mp900443256-2Webinar, July 25th, 2024, with the Federation for Children with Special Needs in Massachusetts. This training describes: This training describes:

  • different types of disciplinary offenses
  • the school responsibilities for discipline
  • range of consequences for rule violations
  • the difference between suspensions, expulsions, and emergency removals
  • different categories of suspensions
  • procedures for out of school suspensions and expulsions
  • legal protections for students on IEPs including the Manifestation Determination Review

* Presented by a representative from the Federation for Children with Special Needs.
For more information visit the Federation’s Calendar  https://fcsn.org/news/  or contact rtsc@fcsn.org or (617) 399-8342.

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