October 24, 2024 all-day

Emotional ADHD Behavior Workshop in Massachusetts School Behavior girlWebinar, October 24th, 2024, with Bridgewell of Peabody, MA. Contemporary approaches to supporting individuals with ADHD will be presented and reviewed. Specific areas of impairment, long-term outcomes, evidence-based interventions and supports, and current areas of controversy and additional study will be reviewed.
* The webinar will review how children and adolescents with ADHD have considerable difficulty with experiencing success across settings, as the core features of ADHD are often magnified by the expectations in these areas.
* Yet, there are many strategies, supports, and approaches that can help mitigate these concerns and help individuals with ADHD flourish.
* Practical approaches that can help children and adolescents with ADHD will be presented.
Fees apply, Registration is required to  https://bridgewell.org/event/virtual-live-adhd-current-research-innovations-controversies-and-areas-in-need-of-further-study/or contact  kjanjar@bridgewell.org   


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