June 15, 2023 – June 29, 2023 all-day

June 15th – 29th, 2023,  Brewster & Hamilton, MA, with Spaulding Rehabilitation. For All abilities and all ages – there are some limitations, please see below.
* Adaptive kayaking. Whether paddling solo or in tandem, there have a fleet of kayaks that can accommodate your needs, including extra seating support, one-handed paddling or the use of foot-pedals.
* Because safety aour priority, they will provide you with guidance and a personal flotation device when you arrive.
* They can help advance your paddling skills or help you get back to enjoying sunny days with your family and friends.
Essential Eligibility Criteria for Water Sports
· Able to breathe independently, does not require medical devices to sustain breathing.
· Able to create and maintain a sealed airway underwater by closing mouth/lips.
· Able to independently turn from face down to face up in water while wearing a personal floatation device (“life jacket”).
· Do not have a tracheostomy tube.
Due to COVID-19, they cannot place a staff member in a tandem kayak with participants.
* If you need tandem support, please be sure to bring a companion with you that can be your tandem paddler.
Fees apply, registration required to https://sasc.spauldingrehab.org/ or call Spaulding Adaptive Sports 877.976.7272

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