Webinar, February 6th & 13th, 2023, with the Asperger / Autism Network of New England. Free. PART 1: Learning how to keep your space comfortable and conducive to personal needs (topics covered: cleaning, laundry, daily chores, etc.). PART 2: Debriefing session to discuss how it felt to implement concepts from last week’s topic, home management, into your life.
* Come to share your experience and learn from others.
Advanced registration is required to //www.aane.org/event/online-open-2-part-workshop-home-management-for-adults-2-6-23-2-13-23-800-pm-900-pm-et/ or contact Ilia Walsh ilia.walsh@aane.org.
* Registration closes 24 hours prior to the event. Early registration is highly recommended as many programs fill quickly.
* AANE Adult Support Groups, Social Groups, and events are intended for post-high school adults on the spectrum who are able to self-regulate AND independently participate in activities without the assistance of a dedicated caretaker.


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