Sometimes a good thing can arise from a difficult time. And that good thing may be the realization that meeting with teachers, doctors, and therapists online can save time and energy.
   It turns out that not having to drive to appointments for an hour or more during rush hour traffic is not missed. Showing up presentable for a virtual appointment often means only having to make yourself look good from the neck up. And when done, it is just a walk to another room for dinner, homework helping or the nighttime family routine.
   Virtual meetings also allow us to interview and observe specialists or therapy situations remotely to determine if they are a good match. This is quite a contrast compared to waiting for months for a hard-to-get appointment, traveling for miles in traffic to get there, only to find that the much-extolled expert or program you have been referred to is not the right fit after all.
   As tough as it was, this rocky past year has been an opportunity to look at new ways in supporting our loved ones. Some of those new ways worked better than others of course. 
   But that’s ok. We have still gained yet more hard-earned special-needs caregiving knowledge from it all.
   And that’s a good thing.
   Sharon Marie

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