February 8, 2022 all-day

Supporting Sleep in Individuals With Autism & Their Families workshop in Greater BostonWebinar, February 8th, 2022, with the MGH Aspire Program for Autism in Lexington. Free. Parents and caregivers will discuss common sleep disturbances for children with ASD, their potential causes, and how sleep (or lack of sleep) impacts your child.
* Workshop participants will receive recommendations and tools for promoting better sleep.
About these workshops: Aspires’  virtual workshops are designed to support parents and caregivers of individuals with ASD/an Asperger profile.
* Workshop attendees do not need to have a child currently registered in an Aspire program.
* Interested adults may register for individual sessions or the entire series.
Registration is required to https://myemail.constantcontact.com/-Free–Virtual-Workshop-Series.html?soid=1011356073328&aid=rptKPKVnMRg and scroll down to page to your desired event, or contact 781-860-1900.  

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