To our readers: We deplore and condemn the racially based killings of George Floyd and the too many other victims that are people of color, while supporting the peaceful protesters who are working to make change in our world. 
  A timely local event serving Massachusetts' communities of color that you can support is the 4th Annual Celebration of Minority Mental Health Month scheduled for July 11th in Boston. Find more details on our annual calendar post about this event. Or read about how Minority Mental Health Month was established on NAMI's Minority Mental Health Awareness Month page.
The June special-needs webinars listed below cover topics such as disability summer services, managing children's emotions and trauma, and remotely guiding your teen or young adult into their transition services. Let's hope for a safe reopening of the state and getting our children back to the supports they need. Sharon Marie

School Elementary Read Study Test Canva An IEP for My Child: English & Spanish Massachusetts Workshop

Special Education & COVID-19

 Webinar, June 11th, with Massachusetts' Advocates for Children. New state guidance for Summer Special Ed Services: In-person and Remote ESY during COVID-19. MAC Attorney Julia Landau…Read More

Emotional worry Helping Children Cope Behavior Workshop in Massachusetts

Break Free, Managing Your Child's Anxiety: And Your Own

Webinar June 11th, with CLCs of MA. Free. During this brave new world of the Covid-19 pandemic, anxiety is on the rise, and many who have never dealt with this affliction before are facing it for the first time…Read More

Leadership Ed. in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) Program

Online deadline - June 15th, 2020, with the E.K. Shriver Center / UMass Worcester. The LEND Program prepares professionals, persons with disabilities, and family members to influence policy and clinical practice on…Read More

Exceptional Lives webinar for Special needs Families Speech Therapy at Home

Webinar: Speech Therapy at Home

Webinar, June 17th, with Exceptional Lives of MA. Free. Part of the Exceptional Lives Kitchen Conversations How Do I Help My Child Stay On Track From Home? webinar series for caregivers...Read More

Weight & Seating Independence Project

Worcester, June 18th. The Center for Living & Working's Weight and Seating Independence Project is making digital pressure mapping systems and specialized scales available to wheelchair users...Read More

Family Mom and Son hug Family Mental Health Support Group in Boston

How Trauma Affects Children & How You Can Help Your Own Kids

Webinar, June 24th, with the FCSN in Massachusetts. Children have been dealing with many changes these last few months. Schools have closed and families have lost income. They may be confused and frightened by what …Read More

MDSC 2016 conference Teen and Adult First pic

Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress Virtual Conference

June 14th until the end of 2020. The MDSC has pivoted to an online conference that will be available for most of 2020. Trailblazers - Paving the Way to a Bright Future Through Innovative Research will feature research...Read More

Visual Impairment "Early Connections" Conference

Online, June 22nd - 26th,  with Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA. Free. Designed for parents of children with visual impairment birth to 7 years old, their families and the professionals who support them. Stream…Read More

Virtual Recreation & Social for All Special Needs.

Music Therapy Classes on line for families in Greater Massachusetts

Jam Sessions for Older Teens/Adults

Online virtual classes, through June 29th, with a MA-based music therapist. Free. Join in every Monday for virtual Jam Sessions with the Project Harmony team. Participants will be making karaoke-style …Read More

Live Painting Event for Special Needs

Online, June 13th, with (CAR) in Bridgewater / Swansea communities. For 16+ diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and who live in Community Autism Resource's service region...Read More

Adaptive Dance for Girls with special needs in Massachusetts

Chance to Dance

Virtual Event, June 18th, with The Berkshire County Arc Down Syndrome Family Group. Zoom Dance Party - this week the theme will be a pajama party. The Berkshire County Arc Down Syndrome Family…Read More

Special Needs Salsa Dancing with the Massachusetts' Down Syndrome Congress

Salsa Dancing for Teens & Young Adults

Virtual Class June 13th, with the Massachusetts' Down Syndrome Congress. The Step 1 Salsa Dance class will be virtual dance class for teens with Down Syndrome and their friends to learn some salsa…Read More

Online Recreating Art Together Class for special needs families in Massachusetts

Art, Music & Poetry for Special Needs

Online through August with Seven Hills Affiliates in Central MA. All ages are welcome for Art, Poetry, Drum Circle...Read More

Adaptive Music for Youth & Adults - Concord

Music as Therapy

Webinar June 16th, with Autism Sprinter of Massachusetts. Guest speaker Kelsy Duran, a Voice/Music Together instructor, worked in the Lawrence Public School system as an Autism Specialist...Read More

Supporting Fathers During COVID-19

Virutal Event, June 26, with The Children's Trust of MA. The Coordinators from the Fathers & Family Networks will present on the services and supports available for fathers during COVID-19…Read More

Autism Webinars & Support 

The Use of Pediatric & Adolescent Psychiatric Medication Workshop in Massachusetts

Autism 101: Medical Aspects

Webinar June 18th, with Autism Resource Central of Worcester. Part of their "Autism 101" parent webinars series held during the COVID-19 crisis. Open to anyone interested in learning…Read More

Pathological Demand Avoidance - Is it the Missing Piece of a Puzzle

Webinar, June 17th, with a social support center in Boxborough, MA. Pathological Demand Avoidance is recognized in the UK but not yet here in the United States. PDA is associated with individuals on the autism spectrum...Read More

Transition-to-Adult Special Needs Webinars 

Sexual Health Education for Teens with Disabilities

Webinar June 15th, with a pediatric neuropsychology practice in MA. For parents and caretakers of teens with disabilities. Sexual Health Education for Teens with Disabilities: Talking about Sexuality with our Kids will discuss…Read More

ABLE Account in Massachusetts Overview - Attainable Savings Plan

Social Security Disability Benefits

Webinar, June 16th, with a Mass based special-needs financial planning group. An attorney who works with individuals claiming SSI and SSDI will walk you through what to expect when you file for social…Read More

Disability and Special Needs Inclusion Summit in Boston Massachusetts

Join a Disability Education & Employment Dialogue

Webinar June 16th, with the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy Youth IMPACT Center. Youth IMPACT Center is…Read More

DI Adult with Special Needs Smiling Friends 5350600022 DDS Transition-to-Adult Services Information Session for Massachusetts Disability Services

A Model of Independent Living for Individuals with Disabilities

Webinar, June 18th, with Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change. Guest presenter, Susan Tachau, is Chief Executive Officer of the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation. HomeWorks, based in Pennsylvania…Read More

College Open House for Diverse Learners

Online - May 2020, Threshold Program, Cambridge, MA. This virtual open house will offer young adults with diverse learning differences and their caregivers and families a chance hear from alumni and…Read More

Transition Planning: Understanding and Accessing IEP Transition Services

Webinar, June 22, with the Autism Aspergers Network based of Watertown, MA. Students with autism who participate in special education are entitled to an education designed to meet their unique educational needs and prepare them…Read More

SSI and Guardianship workshop for special needs in Massachusetts

COVID-19's Impact on Person-Centered Arrangements - Parent Panel Discussion

Webinar, June 24th, with Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change. In this interactive parent panel, hear about the Impact of COVID-19 crisis on 3 families and their children's living arrangements,  including dealing with concerns and challenges.…Read More

Future Planning for Special Needs - What Are the Necessary Steps?

Webinar June 24th. Kerry Mahoney and Support Brokers of The Arc of Massachusetts will walk you through the necessary components of Future Planning. * The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder that all of us of the need to have our…Read More

Guardianship & Supported Decision Making

Webinar, June 25, with the Arc of GHN in MA. For parents/family members of persons with an intellectual or developmental disability, hear about the legal consequences of reaching the age of emancipation at 18.…Read More

Arc of Massachusetts COVID-19 Updates "Latest Policies & Departmental News"

June 11th & 18th, 11 a.m. Webinars with Arc of Massachusetts Director of Government Affairs Maura Sullivan. Hear updates on the latest …Read More

Arc of Massachusetts COVID-19 Updates "Leo Live" Webinars

June 15 & 22nd, 12 noon. With Arc of Massachusetts Executive Director Leo Sarkissian. Leo will provide weekly summaries on what's been accomplished…Read More

Arc of Massachusetts COVID-19 Updates: Check In Education & Outreach Webinars

June 16th & 23rd, 11 a.m. With Kerry Mahoney, Director of Education & Outreach at The Arc of Massachusetts. If you have a question on access to resources…Read More

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